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Valley View United Methodist Church - Faith Circle 5/20/2015 The ladies of the Valley View United Methodist Church Faith Circle are Deanna Klein, Sammie Snell, Louise Evans, Pat Chambliss, Ginny Snider, Lavon Hayman.
Morgan Fleming - 05/02/2015 Morgan Fleming is the owner and operator of Jewelry by Morgan. He is a Kansas City resident and local history buff.
Larry Franklin - 05/02/2015 Larry Franklin has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and an MBA. He worked for 5 years as an Analytical Chemist before moving into Information Technology.
Benjamin F. Farney Interview - 06/20/2014 Benjamin F. Farney was born in Kiowa, Kansas. He left there to attend the University of Kansas, where he graduated with a law degree in 1957.