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You've got stories. We want to hear 'em.

Join us to kick off Generation Exchange, an intergenerational storytelling project.

May 31, 10am - 2pm

Johnson County Central Resource Library

9875 W. 87th Street, Overland Park, Kansas

This event will feature live interviews with local celebrities, heros and influential figures from accross the Kansas City region, as well as information and demonstrations about how to use the Generation Exchance Project in your family or organization. You can even record an interview while you're there.


10 a.m - Stan Cramer with Allison Golbach (Carmack)

10 a.m. - Mrs Isabel Gutierrez in Spanish (Gallery)

11 a.m. - Judge Brian Wimes & Michelle Wimes With Derecka Purnell (Gallery)

Noon - Dr. Serese Cannon with Dr. LaTedra Collins (Gallery)

1 p.m - Melinda Ryder with Moltyn Decadence (Gallery)