Generation Exchange Program Kit

To participate in the Generation Exchange Program, simply checkout a program kit from one of our partner organizations.  This kit includes everything you need to conduct and record interview(s).  When you are finished, return the kit along with the required forms.

What is included in a program Kit?

Generation Exchange Program Kits include the following:

  • Each Program Kit is equipped with a Philips DVT 2 GB audio Recorder.  Recorder instructions are included in the Program Kit.
Program GuideProgram Guide (Also available online)
  • Sample interview questions to prompt the person being interviewed to recall stories related to neighborhood life of yesteryear; historical events; and/or memories related to arts/cultural events and experiences. 
  • Suggestions on how interviews might be used by individuals, families and groups.
Interview Summary formInterview Summary form (Also available online)
  • Helps to document the topics discussed in the interview for archival purposes.
Relaese FormRelease Form (Also available online)
Request a Program Kit
Select the organization which you would like to contact to reserve a program kit.

Not sure which organization to contact? See Partners for more information including branch locations.

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