Teresa Leggard - 05/02/2015

Teresa Leggard started writing poetry in high school and began to write short stories shortly thereafter. She was an English major in college, then applied for a writer position at Hallmark. Teresa got an editorial job there and also pursued an MFA at UMKC. While at UMKC, Teresa connected with play writing in a powerful way. She has had her work produced at the Fringe Festival and at DC.

Hollie Westring - 05/02/2015

Hollie Westring spent her childhood in southern Illinois, attending high school in Hale, Mo. She later received her bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Central Missouri. She now lives in Kansas City, Missouri and has gone on to become a successful author and freelance editor. She enjoys baking and exploring historical locations around the mid-west.

Susan Hiland- 05/02/2015

Susan Hiland went to Oak Park High School. A love of storytelling in high school led to theatre, announcements, broadcasting, and journalism. She grew up in an age when the storytelling methods and technology were very different from what is prevalent now. Social media has been a game changer in journalism, allowing quicker response times. A web department is a four-person operation whereas ten years ago- completely unexpected. Now exclusivity of reality is the new reality. Susan Hiland went to Missouri State and got a radio internship at a station in Springfield.

Pat Stidham- 05/02/2015

Pat Stidham was born in Longview, Texas in 1954. At the age of five, his family moved to the West Texas town of Kermit. Pat graduated in 1973 before attending Rice University on a football scholarship. He married and welcomed his daughter into the world during his years in college. Pat spent the first 26 years of his career in sales and marketing before making a career switch in 2002 when he decided to earn a Masters in Teaching from CMSU. He has spent the last 12 years as a teacher, which was his first career choice.

Jasen Ballenger- 05/02/2015

Jasen Ballenger is a wildlife biologist with degrees from Missouri State and Baker Universities. He has varied experience working for the Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and Clay County parks, among others. He is a plant geek and an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting, fishing, and caring for Ozarks streams.

Ryne Dittmer - 05/03/2015

I was born in Liberty in 1989 and have lived in Liberty my whole life. I attended Liberty High School and Iowa State University where I got a degree in Journalism. I have worked at the Liberty Tribune since September 2011. I cover county government, education, and operate our social media accounts. I have had the opportunity to cover a speech by President Obama, breaking news around Kansas City and written several personality profiles.

Eugenie Maynard - 05/03/2015

Eugenie Maynard was born in Minnesota in 1950. She went to school in Moorhead, earning a degree in Accounting. During her school years from 1969-1972 she was only one of two females students in the accounting program. In early 1972 she was the only female on staff during her internship. She held several high-level positions in a field dominated by men, essentially breaking through the glass ceiling. When she started her first job in 1972 she was only one of two women on the professional staff.